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Vendrill Nevark
Source: Inner Sea Taverns, pg(s). 33

Nevven is an android abolitionist and vigilante, determined to undermine the Technic League from within. By day, he is a member of the Technic League; by night, he operates in Runoff, an underground tavern and secret safe house for those fleeing the League. His two identities are like two different persons, and even those who have met him outside of the League will find it hard to identify him in Runoff if Nevven does not want to be found.12


Nevven keeps a hideout within Runoff, owned by his friend and fellow abolitionist Kayd Sparrow. When he does not have to work for the Technic League, Nevven aids Kayd in escorting fugitives or working in the tavern on particularly busy nights.2

Nevven stays one step ahead of the Technic League by gathering information and technology, ensuring that no unsavoury types can discover his identity.23


After Nevven underwent his renewal, he stumbled into the town of Marstol, where he was raised by a family of farmers. As his adopted family taught him kindness, the Technic League cracked down and demanded protection fees from the town. Seeking to destroy the Technic League from within, he travelled to Starfall. Under the fake identity of Vendrill Nevark, he joined the Technic League and became one of its key members. His first act against the League was to escort Anorra Quorr's family to the safety of the River Kingdoms. When Anorra returned to Numeria under her new name of Kayd Sparrow, he contributed equipment for her to found Runoff.23

Recently, Kayd and Nevven discovered the shell of an annihilator robot and created a new type of cocktail by mixing the liquids in the robot with liquor.1