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(azata, chaotic, extraplanar, good, water)
Any (Elysium)
Source: The Inferno Gate, pg(s). 82

Nualidus are particularly capricious azatas strongly protective of water across the multiverse.1


The lithe forms of nualidus are composed of churning water and draw down into long, serpentine tails. This water appears clear when the nualidu is created and darkens with age until it resembles the darkest oceanic trench, but always remains clean and fresh. A nualidu's hair and eyes range from sparkling blue to seafoam green, and always have the same colour. A typical nualidu stands a little over five feet tall and weighs 130 pounds.1


Nualidus form from the souls of good aquatic races or good people who spent the majority of their lives near water. They retain hazy memories of sunsets upon the waves and familiar ports of call from their mortal lives, and some nualidus spend their entire immortal existence trying to seek them once more.1

Nualidus spring from the most chaotic bodies of water in Elysium. Their long tails and capricious personality resemble proteans, and it is whispered that they are the offspring of some protean lord.1

Nualidus constantly need to travel and rarely complete any but the simplest of tasks in an acceptable amount of time, but they have long memories and might return to finish the job many years later, even after everyone else involved has forgotten or died. In battle, they dance between opponents and terrain, shoving them across the battlefield and fleeing if they get bored.1

In the Universe, nualidus are nomadic and travel natural bodies of water, experiencing the extremes of the natural world. They merely tolerate artificial canals, which are often polluted by their own creators. If the source of pollution is apparent, the nualidu often tries to solve the problem without taking into account what the locals want, but the issue is often endemic to civilisation and no nualidu has the patience to change a society.1


Nualidus are community-oriented and form small pods of like-minded individuals. The membership of these pods fluctuate constantly as some leave and others join, but together they are as protective as a human family.1

Nualidus relish courtly titles and often invent grandiose ones that often reflect (and exaggerate) their accomplishments. Throughout the years, they accumulate a long list of titles but eventually grow bored of them and discard them. The more bombastic and flamboyant a title, the longer it holds a nualidu's interest. A nualidu's titles might be both masculine and feminine, as their attitudes toward gender are as fluid.1

Nualidus despise anything they see as a perversion of water, especially coffee, tea, and alcohol, and look down on those who drink them. When offered these drinks, a nualidu might start to rant about how it has harmed mortals, going so far as to seek out a brewery or winery to destroy. This attitude rarely extends to naturally derived fluids.1

When summoned by mortal spellcasters, nualidus prefer tasks that contribute to the protection or cleaning of water, and generally accept payment with stones eroded by water into unique shapes. They also demand that their callers to treat them with respect and memorise some of their titles.1

Many proteans consider nualidus to be distant kin, while others see them as a mockery of proteans' ideally chaotic forms.1


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