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(azata, chaotic, extraplanar, good)
Any (Elysium)
Source: Beyond the Veiled Past, pg(s). 84

Prydanus are a species of azatas who fight against oppression and unjust rule.1


Prydanus resemble radiant, attractive humanoids with small iridescent scales on their glistening skin. They have a graceful pair of translucent finlike wings and striking silver eyes framed with long, feathery lashes that match their metallic nails and lips. A prydanu's hair is usually several shades and decorated with numerous adornments. A typical prydanu stands eight feet tall and weighs 400 pounds.1


Prydanus arise from the souls of brave liberators and defenders of justice. They enjoy spending time on Elysium and frequently travel to the Universe to fight tyrants by revealing their deception and releasing their victims from bondage; alghollthus rank among their greatest enemies on Golarion. However, their lack of restraint sometimes makes for short-sighted plans leading to other consequences.1

Prydanus are well adapted to the water, and their sleek wings and powerful muscles make them strong swimmers on par with many aquatic creatures. They take pride at this and enjoy racing with marine life.1

Prydanus cannot reproduce and do not need food or water, but still eat, drink, and engage in intimate acts for pleasure.1


Prydanus pride themselves on being guardians and delight in helping distressed individuals, especially those attempting to escape subjugation. Due to their vanity, they appreciate being praised, and those who stoke a prydanu's ego might turn it into a returning ally when troubles arise.1

Prydanus enjoy the company of other azatas, particularly ghaeles and yamahs. Gifting a prydanu artwork depicting seascapes or a collection of feathers and shells is a way to get on its good side. Prydanus are sentimental and often keep small tokens from those whom they have helped, wearing these as jewellery.1

Prydanus become attached to and often continue to care for those whom they have already liberated to ensure they are safe. These sojourns are fleeting, but prydanus have difficulty saying farewell and often leave in the middle of the night to make the parting easier when their companions are asleep.1

When not battling against tyranny, prydanus enjoy studying emancipated societies and their daily lives, which they record in journals and share with other celestials in Elysium.1


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