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Gancanaghs, also known as passion azatas, are extraordinarily handsome azatas best known for open and free sexuality, and their defense of any who are persecuted for their own sexual preferences.1


Most gancanaghs resemble male-presenting humanoids, though they can change their shape freely and revel in challenging mortal interpretations of gender. They dress fashionably and carry accessories such as smoking pipes—which they never use, since they despise smoke—purely for their aesthetic value.1


Gancanaghs are earnest but incorrigible flirts who fixate on one paramour at a time. The gancanagh throws himself into wooing them in a brief fling before moving on to their next lover. Gancanaghs enjoy the beauty of music and its ability to sway the heart, and cherish their flutes.1


Gancanaghs despise succubi and incubi over all other creatures: the existence of such demons profanes the spirit of romance with seduction and violence, and leads flirtatious good people to be compared to evil. The greatest insult for a gancanagh is to be mistaken as such a demon, and many gancanaghs have challenged misinformed good people over such an offence.1

Gancanaghs are especially protective of mortals who are open-minded about sexuality and gender, especially those who are persecuted for their beliefs. While they prefer to change the beliefs of such narrow-minded persecutors, they will still engage in reluctant combat to protect an ally in danger.1


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