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Type Animal
CR 1/3
Environment Any deserts

Source: Fires of Creation, pg(s). 82

Petromins, or azure gliders as they are sometimes known, are an alien species of animal brought to Golarion on the spaceship Destiny from the distant desert planet Kasath. Although most of the specimens on the ship died in its crash during the Rain of Stars, a few survived and have established a small colony in Numeria.[1]


These furry creatures are natural gliders like flying squirrels and have similar skin flaps connecting their limbs and bodies. A petromin's undersides are blue to camouflage it from the ground while gliding, while the rest of its body is brown to blend in with the desert sands of its homeland.[1]


Some Numerian spellcasters take petromins as familiars. Their naturally stealthy nature seems to transfer to their masters.[1]


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