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A habitat ship from the spaceship Divinity.
Class Spaceship (Androffan starship)
Propulsion Unknown
Launched before -4286 AR
Fate Crashed on Golarion in the Rain of Stars, -4363 AR
Crew Unknown, but likely included Androffans and collector robots; biodomes contained Kasathan fauna

Source: The Choking Tower, pg(s). 8

The Destiny was a spaceship from the planet Androffa that carried fauna from the distant world Kasath in its biodomes.[1] It was part of the train of ships accompanying the Divinity that crashed on Golarion under undetermined circumstances in -4363 AR, an event known to Golarians as the Rain of Stars.[2] A piece of the Destiny lies beneath the town of Iadenveigh.[3]


The Destiny carried creatures from the desert planet Kasath, and several species survived the crash into Golarion to inhabit parts of Numeria.[1] These species include:


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