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Mark Garringer

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Mark Garringer

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Freelance designer

Mark Garringer is a freelance Pathfinder RPG writer and designer, and former Paizo Organized Play venture-captain of Indianapolis.

His works for Paizo include the Beginner Box demonstration encounters "Relics", "Ice", "Isles", "Masks", "Waves", and "Woods", as well as the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild scenario Slave Ships of Absalom. He also frequently contributes Beginner Box adventures to the Wayfinder fanzine.

Pathfinder credits

Adventure credits

Title Date Notes
Ruins"Ruins" Bash Demo 1112 December 2011 Beginner Box, One of six demos in Set 1.
Beginner Box Bash Demos Part 2 1305 May 2013 Beginner Box, All five demos are by Garringer.
Bestiary 85"Bestiary" #85 1408 August 2014 Fires of Creation, 80.
Slave Ships of Absalom 1409 September 2014 PFS 1e #06-05
Bestiary 90"Bestiary" #90 1410 October 2014 The Choking Tower, 82.
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