Primogen Crown

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Primogen Crown
The symbol of Taldor bearing a heraldic image of the Primogen Crown.
(Magic item)

Aura (1E)
Caster Level (1E)
Major artifact
Slot (1E)
Source: Crownfall, pg(s). 57

The Primogen Crown is one the two most well-known symbols of power for the Grand Prince of Taldor, the other being the Lion Throne. It is at once both the actual crown worn by the emperor of Taldor, as well as a metaphor for the office, ruler, and authority they wield.123


The Primogen Crown is a deceptively heavy jewel-encrusted gold crown etched with images of lions.3


Taldan myths claim that it was forged by First Emperor Taldaris and includes the mane of the grogrisant123 and gold pulled from the gullet of the dragon Verksaris the Kingeater,4 whose venom eventually killed him.5 The Ulfen Guard is sworn solely to protect the Crown's wearer and has even changed allegiance mid-battle when the crown has changed hands, such as during the campaign of Daronlyr the Overthrower in 3564 AR.6

As of the end of the War for the Crown in 4718 AR, the Crown was held by Grand Princess Eutropia Stavian.7


The Crown is a powerful magic artifact but confers most of its abilities only to the person ceremonially coronated in the Imperial Palace of Taldor. To such a wielder it provides powerful protective magic, immunity to magical mental manipulation, constant true seeing and powerful spellcasting abilities, the ability to speak and read Azlanti and Celestial languages, and magical projection of their voice to all sentient beings within 1,000 feet.3


Glory's Flame in Mut is on the western edge of this map, and the headwaters of the Porthmos River are on the eastern edge of this map. The distance between these points as the crow flies is an estimated 300 miles.

To shatter the Crown one must heat it in Glory's Flame and cast it while still hot in the headwaters of the Porthmos River.3


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