Daronlyr XII

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Daronlyr XII
Titles Grand Prince
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Taldor
Born 3535 AR
Died 3587 AR

Source: The Six-Legend Soul, pg(s). 97

Daronlyr XII is considered by most to be amongst the greatest Grand Princes that Taldor has ever had, despite usurping the crown via the bloody murder of Parmain IV.[1]


Daronlyr was born in 3535 AR, the only son of Isidoron who was Grand Prince Parmain III's younger brother. Even before his assent to throne, Daronlyr worked tirelessly in the Taldan Senate to better Taldor, trying to mitigate the damage done by the indolent and weak Parmain IV. When Daronlyr learned that Parmain was planning on ceding large swathes of Taldor's holdings in Isger to the Kellids, he could take no more. Daronlyr drew his blade and, after fighting with the Ulfen Guard, stabbed Parmain in the heart before seizing the Primogen Crown and declaring himself emperor.[1]

Daronlyr used his abilities as a ferocious orator to persuade the Ulfen Guard to swear their loyalty to him, despite dispatching their previous master in such a bloody manner. Following his coronation, Daronlyr began work pacifying the northern Kellids but he is most well-remembered for the institutions he established, such as the First Imperial Arcanists' Guild in 3571 AR and the world famous Kitharodian Academy in 3578 AR. Daronlyr's reign ended in 3587 AR when he was claimed by an outbreak of Blanching Sickness that swept western Taldor.[1]


Daronlyr XII was a man renowned for his command and mastery. He commanded the loyalty of his people, had mastered both the blade and magic but, most importantly, had total mastery of himself and had none of the self-indulgent tendencies common to Grand Princes.[1]


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