Psychic vampire

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Psychic vampire

Source: Occult Bestiary, pg(s). 59

Psychic vampires are a breed of vampire who hunger for the occult energy that fuels psychic magic. They are also called vetalaranas by scholars who compare them to vetala vampires who consume a more refined form of spiritual energy.1


Psychic vampires are gaunt and have vivid, black, hungry eyes and ashen skin. A hungry psychic vampire appears grey, but can pass for a living creature when it is well-fed. Although not harmed by sunlight, they nonetheless avoid it, as their grey skin can betray their true nature.1


A psychic vampire forms when a creature capable of psychic magic dies in a state of denial. It tries to cling to the Material Plane by drawing on the occult energy of itself and nearby creatures in vain; however, if its willpower is strong enough, it arises as a psychic vampire that now sustains its existence by draining others' mental energy. Psychic vampires cannot create spawn, so their number is small.1

Psychic vampires are not affected by religious mantras and superstitions, though most psychic vampires that were religious in life are not aware of this and often react with fear toward these mantras until they realise that they are harmless. Psychic vampires have difficulty tolerating and approaching an opponent who is openly defiant and fearless toward it.1


The homes of psychic vampires look deceptively mundane, filled with supplies that undead creatures do not need; psychic vampires keep them to feed their chattel who provide them with psychic energy and bodies to be possessed.1