Radovan Virholt

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Radovan Virholt
Radovan Virholt
Alignment Chaotic good
Race/Species Tiefling
Class Rogue 5 / monk 2
Gender Male
Homeland Egorian, Cheliax
Deity Desna
Organization formerly Goatherds
Companion(s) Count Varian Jeggare
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Source: Kobold Quarterly 14, pg(s). 12-13
Radovan Virholt wearing his prized jacket bought in Goka

Radovan Virholt serves as Pathfinder Society Venture-Captain Varian Jeggare's personal bodyguard. He often uses his status as both a tiefling and servant to assist in Jeggare's private investigations, though abhors wearing the official livery of his master's manor, Greensteeples.[1] Sold into slavery at an early age, Radovan made his way into the Goatherds street gang in the streets of Egorian before being taken in by his current employer and showed how to turn his talents for combat and theft toward more noble purposes. Fun-loving, sarcastic, and unafraid to get his hands dirty when the situation calls for a fight, Radovan is deeply loyal to his friends, and happy to fight and die in their service.[2][3][4]

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Radovan Virholt wearing yet another prized jacket; this one was bought for him by Count Jeggare


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