Hellspawn (cambion)

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Hellspawn (devil-spawn)
A hellspawn monk.

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Any land
Source: Blood of Fiends, pg(s). 21
This article covers the type of cambion. For the type of beast, see hellspawn (beast).

Hellspawn—also called devil-spawn, devilborn, or devilkin1—are cambions descended from devils.2 Indeed, hellspawn is a pejorative term often applied to any cambion regardless of their heritage.3

In appearance, hellspawn most closely match the cliched image of a cambion, with pointed tails, horns, and oddly coloured eyes, or eyes with pupils of an unusual shape: these are the most common hellspawn features. Amongst cambions, hellspawn are the most conservative and least likely to rebel against their lot in life, instead, they tend to focus on quietly acquiring as much wealth and power as possible and using it however they please. They seem to have a particular knack for identifying the hidden desires and vices of others and many a hellspawn's career has left a trail of exposed secrets, shattered careers, and ruined lives in its wake.2

Hellspawn are most common within the nation of Cheliax where they are actively loathed by the human population; they have had some more success in Chelaxian client states, such as Isger. Hellspawn are so despised that the government of Cheliax views them as entirely expendable and shows little hesitation in forcing them into slavery to sell off to any other nation that still tolerates the barbaric practice.2


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