Greensteeples Manor

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Greensteeples is the family estate of the aiuvarin scion Count Varian Jeggare, located in the Old Egorian neighborhood of Sorrowside in Cheliax.12

Built in the old Chelish style predating the rise of House Thrune, Greensteeples is covered in ivy and looks somewhat quaint next to the black-and-red monstrosities that have gone up in the last 70 years.3 Count Jeggare is served by a small, but loyal cadre of halfling servants, many of whom have served at Greensteeples for generations.4 Besides the master's and servants' quarters, Greensteeples also contains an extensive library (as Jeggare is secretly a venture-captain in the Pathfinder Society), a garden,5 and a solarium.6

In recent years, Jeggare has actively used Greensteeples as a Pathfinder lodge in defiance of the empire's ban on them within its borders.7