Ravener behemoth

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Ravener Behemoth

Magical beast
Any forest, hill, jungle, or plains
Source: The Twice-Damned Prince, pg(s). 78-79

A ravener behemoth is a colossal magical beast that exists to consume. It devours animals, plants, and minerals as it tears a path of destruction through mountains, forests, jungles, and settlements.1


At a distance, the ravener behemoth appears to be a small mountain supported on thick legs. Its head sports numerous horns and tusks, and its hide is a stony, mineralized carapace that supports the growth of lichens, plants, and small trees out of the reach of its maw. The creature stands nearly 60 feet tall and stretches 80 feet long, and has numerous stomachs.1

Habitat & Ecology

Behemoths were created by the gods at the dawn of the First World, and the ravener behemoth is a creature that has devolved into a semi-intelligent being of insatiable hunger after passing into the greater world. Rather than destroying these persistent creature directly, the gods sometimes task their champions to obliterate these products of divine inattention. Rarely, raveners may retain some vestige of their former intelligence and divine ability, including higher intelligence, magical powers, and the ability to speak several languages.1

Female ravener behemoths mate every five decades, and produce one to three young that may live for a thousand years, driving off the fathers.1


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