Thalassic behemoth

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Thalassic behemoth

Magical beast
(aquatic, behemoth, water)
Any water
Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 38

Thalassic behemoths are massive aquatic behemoths.1[citation needed]

On Golarion

The thalassic behemoth Oursmariku appeared near the Iblydan archipelago at the beginning of the Age of Lost Omens, quickly destroying the navy of the city of Liachora, before turning its wrath on the city itself. The neighboring city of Aelyosos escaped this fate only by offering yearly sacrifices of gold, livestock, incense, and other valuables to the Brobdingnagian creature.2

Another behemoth, named Tankelskel, lives in the heart of the Valashmai Sea. Nobody knows exactly what purpose has sent the creature to this place or who the target of its wrath will be, but it is certain that, when its attack is eventually unleashed on the coasts of Tian Xia or Sarusan, the effects will be devastating.3


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