Sebastius Wright

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Sebastius Wright

Source: Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen, pg(s). 67

Sebastius Wright is a graveknight who hunts down Gray Gardeners, innocents, and noble sympathisers around central Galt.1


When the Red Revolution began, Sebastius Wright served the rebels by capturing nobles for their crimes, both real and perceived, and was quickly rewarded by the Revolutionary Council with a place among the Gray Gardeners. His zeal and ostentatious public executions earned him the Gardeners' approval and allowed him to survive the fall of Galt's first revolutionary government.1

For several years, Sebastius dragged his final blade to conduct decapitations from town to town, while screaming the second regime's doctrine. After its fall, the third government saw Sebastius as a threat, and his former Gray Gardener comrades riled a mob to execute him with his own final blade. However, their plan failed due to Sebastius' tenacious resistance, forcing them to shoot him down, burn his corpse, and hang his spiked breastplate outside Isarn as a warning. Two weeks later, the armour absorbed enough hateful energy from Isarn and Sebastius rose from the dead as a graveknight. Its disappearance triggered more murders for the ostensible purpose of finding the hooligan brazen enough to flaunt Galtan justice.1

Since then, on two occasions, Sebastius has interrupted executions, burning civilians, killing officials, freeing the condemned, handing them a weapon, and urging them to avenge themselves.1


It is said that Sebastius carries a wicked axe made from a guillotine.1


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