Final blade

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Final blade
Razor Jenni.
(Magic item)

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Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 300 (1E)
World Guide, pg(s). 126 (2E)

The final blades are the magical guillotines of Galt and as such are potent symbols of the revolution where they have been steadily employed for decades. Each one appears to be unique in design but not in purpose.1

Description and use

Upon executing someone, final blades trap their victims' souls to ensure no resurrection is possible. Only Galt's executioners, the Gray Gardeners, know the ritual to release the soul.2 As an artifact, final blades cannot be damaged except through specific, extraordinary means. There is no known limit to the number of souls a final blade can hold.1 Each blade possesses a distinct appearance, and the citizens of Galt refer to them as if they possess personalities. For instance, when discussing a condemned prisoner, someone might comment, "He'll join Bloody Jaine before the sun sets."2


First commissioned by the original Revolutionary Council (founded by the philosophers Hosetter and Darl Jubannich) in 4667 AR, these instruments of death were designed by Citizen Margaery San Trayne. By her demands, a tool would be used to bring: "a swift and humane end, offering no escape through the magics of resurrection—and furthermore, keeping even the vilest Galtan soul from falling into the clutches of a Chelish devil." This would also, it was thought, prevent Hell gaining more evil souls.345

Known final blades

A Gray Gardener prepares a final blade.

Bloody Jaine

Bloody Jaine is thought to be located in Woodsedge6

Madame Margaery

Madame Margaery is located next to the Monolith in the capital city of Isarn.7

Razor Jenni

Razor Jenni sits in the centre of Edme's Torvin Academy in the facility's once elegant quadrangle; the Academy has been converted to serve as a political prison. It was this final blade that was used to execute the half-elf philosopher Hosetter, one of Galt's and Edme's most famous citizens and earliest revolutionaries.8

Toothy Morris

The final blade known as Toothy Morris ended up in the hands of a frost giant, and was reforged into a vorpal greataxe called Jorngarl's Harm.9


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