Final blade

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Final blade
Razor Jenni
(Magic item)
Aura Strong
Caster Level 20th
Type Minor artifact
Slot None
Origin Galt
Affiliation Gray Gardeners
Images of final blades

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 300

The final blades are the guillotines of Galt, and are potent symbols of the revolution. Each one appears to be different.[citation needed]


The final blades trap their victims' souls to ensure no resurrection is possible. Only Galt's executioners, the Gray Gardeners, know the ritual to release the soul.[1]


First commissioned by the original Revolutionary Council (founded by the philosophers Hosetter and Darl Jubannich), these instruments of death were designed by Citizen Margaery San Trayne. By her demands, a tool would be used to bring: "a swift and humane end, offering no escape through the magics of resurrection—and furthermore, keeping even the vilest Galtan soul from falling into the clutches of a Chelish devil." This would also, it was thought, prevent Hell gaining more evil souls.[2][3][4]

Individual final blades

Bloody Jaine
Razor Jenni
Razor Jenni sits in the centre of Edme's Torvin Academy in the academy's once elegant quadrangle; the Academy has been converted to serve as a political prison. It was this final blade that was used to execute the half-elf philosopher Hosetter, one of Galt's and Edme's most famous citizens and earliest revolutionaries.[5]
Madame Margaery
Madame Margaery is located next to the Monolith in the capital city of Isarn.[citation needed]
Toothy Morris
The final blade known as Toothy Morris ended up in the hands of a frost giant, and was reforged into a vorpal greataxe called Jorngarl's Harm.[6]


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