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Sempet Sevenfingers

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Sempet Sevenfingers
Sempet Sevenfingers.

Source: On Sevenfingers's Sails, pg(s). 22

Sempet Sevenfingers is a pirate who had an infamously successful career in the Shackles around three centuries ago.1


Sempet earned his infamous nickname due to his three missing fingers.2


Sempet Sevenfingers commanded a small pirate fleet, and was reviled for his use of insane and cannibalistic crewmen. He dabbled in necromancy and communed with the denizens of Leng and moon-beasts, and his ship, the Voracious, was a gift from them, although Sevenfingers never fully trusted them.32

After his death and transformation into a Leng ghoul, Sevenfingers began creating loyal minions by transforming captives into ghouls. His first mate is the bogeyman Nightdrinker, whom he met in Dylath-Leen around two centuries ago.2


In life, Sempet Sevenfingers raided the from the Steaming Sea to the Fever Sea, and hid his ill-gotten wealth in the Gloomspires. Near the end of his life, Sevenfingers chose his treasure hoard to be his tomb. His chief lieutenant Hrethnar Olvaradsson played a key role by crafting anchors that he bound into his own flesh to tame the spire's magic.1

Hrethnar was concerned about Sevenfingers' plan, and when he discovered that all of the tomb's architects would be entombed alongside Sevenfingers, he organised a mutiny. Sevenfingers easily quelled the rebellion, but could not kill Hrethnar without dispelling the magic, so he imprisoned the traitor in his ship and placed it in a demiplane between Golarion and Leng.14

After he was entombed, Sevenfingers transcended the Material Plane and physically entered Leng. With the aid of his almost-human allies, Sevenfingers transformed himself into a Leng ghoul. The transformation granted him patience and hunger for knowledge and flesh, but also weakened his sorcerous powers.1

After years of research, Sevenfingers learnt of the Mines of Baol-Kataar, whose rubies possess the ability to focus planar travel. He planned to augment the Voracious' magical engines to travel and raid across the entire Great Beyond with an armada armed with plane-hopping engines.1