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Set Piece

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Set Pieces are eight-page adventures which appear in issues of Pathfinder Adventure Path to supplement the primary adventure. Tied to that month's adventure path entry, Set Pieces present GMs with a host of options whether they're playing the ongoing Adventure Path, running their own games, or simply need an iconic location. Each Set Piece is built as an optional Adventure Path episode and includes details on how to include it in the month's adventure. For GMs craving lighter fare, though, these scenarios are flexible enough to adapt to any ongoing campaign or even serve as short, one-night adventures. From a thieves' guild, pirate ship, monster-haunted ruin, or one of countless other archetypal adventure sites, Set Pieces are useful to GMs who need a locale on the fly when their players zig when they're supposed to zag.1

Set Pieces first appeared in Shadow in the Sky and ran throughout the Second Darkness and Legacy of Fire adventure paths. Due to difficulties presented in the editing and development process and in response to fan feedback, Paizo discontinued the Set Piece feature in August 2009 with the start of Council of Thieves.

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