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A green dragon patrols Celwynvian.

City of Emerald Rains
Elven patrols
Military rule
Source: The Armageddon Echo, pg(s). 48–53
A meteor destroys Celwynvian.

The ancient elven capital city of Celwynvian (pronounced sehl-WIN-vee-enn)1 sits amid the Mierani Forest in northern Varisia. Abandoned by the elves when they departed Golarion prior to the Earthfall, the city became overridden with drow, and was the site of one of the most vicious conflicts between the two elven races upon their return from Sovyrian. Taking considerable losses from the drow's evil tactics, the elves once again departed the city, and it remains empty and forbidden to this day.2

The elves of the Mierani Forest strictly prohibit outsiders from entering the city, under the guise of wanting to preserve it as a refuge from the rest of the world, but those more familiar with the region sense that the elves themselves avoid the city and are still involved in an ongoing war to reclaim it.3

Locations of interest

The following locations of interest may be found in and around the city:4


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