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Source: They Watched the Stars, pg(s). 77

Shatterglass is a small and picturesque village located in the nation of Mendev, near the Lake of Mists and Veils. The village's name is derived from the shimmering lake glass that blankets its shores.

The settlement is primarily inhabited by retired pirates, and the entire village is constructed from salvaged ship lumber. The carpenters of Shatterglass are meticulous in choosing the source of their materials. They prefer using the hulls of famous pirate ships for construction, even though many of these buildings have a reputation for being haunted.1


One of Shatterglass's primary sources of income is the sale of its eponymous lake glass, which they provide to local buyers, including the artisans of Ker Sharic.

In addition, the town has a grain alcohol producer in the Shattered Jug, a somewhat infamous distillery. The distillery's operator, Danigan Odmire, a halfling brewer of significant skill, is rumored to use a decanter of endless water to produce vast quantities of this exportable liquor.1


Shatterglass operates with a form of government that might be termed "anarchy," though this term doesn't accurately represent the peaceful and harmonious existence within the community. The residents adhere to a code of ethics where treating others with respect and fairness is paramount. Those who fail to adhere to this code often find that their survival in Shatterglass is tenuous at best.1


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