Ker Sharic

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Ker Sharic

Source: They Watched the Stars, pg(s). 76

Ker Sharic is a secluded settlement located on the shores of the Lake of Mists and Veils in Iobaria. Despite the outward appearance of simplicity and plainness among its residents, Ker Sharic is known for its exceptional craftsmanship and artistry, which can rival even the most masterful artisans in grand cities like New Stetven and Oppara.1

The village's artisans produce exquisite goods, including flawless window glass, delicate gossamer damask tapestries, and finely glazed stoneware. These exceptional works of art have garnered local fame and a high demand among collectors.

However, the residents of Ker Sharic are a very insular people. The villagers lead a meager and modest lifestyle and tend to remain within the confines of their community. They seldom venture beyond their village's fenced borders.1

One of the key mysteries surrounding Ker Sharic is the village's enigmatic trade partners. Every month, cloaked visitors bearing a mysterious white-and-blue banner arrive in the village. These visitors purchase the village's exquisite crafts, offering unmarked gold coins in return. The income from these transactions serves as Ker Sharic's lifeblood, but the people remain in the dark about the origin and intentions of these visitors. The people are always anxious that one day these mysterious patrons might cease their monthly visits, which could disrupt the village's fragile yet steady source of income.1