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The Diamond of the North
62,000 humans, 1,000 aiuvarins, 500 dwarves, 500 halflings, 700 other1
Source: Siege of the Diamond City, pg(s). 47

The capital of the former crusader state of Mendev, Nerosyan was designed first and foremost as a defensive fortification to hold back the endless demonic hordes of the Worldwound.[citation needed]


Nerosyan is located at a valuable strategic location, guarding the junction where the Egelsee River flows into the northernmost branch of the West Sellen River. The Egelsee is additionally important in that it provides the city with its only reliably source of pure drinking water; the West Sellen's flow comes too close to the corruptive influence of the Worldwound.2 The buildings outside the city wall have all been burned down by demonic forces.1


The city is divided into four distinct districts:

Defensive fortifications

The city is laid out in a diamond pattern between the two rivers in order to maximize their defensive potential. The outer walls are topped with crenelations and dozens of towers, ensuring that the defenders can pour fire into any attacking force. The top of the walls are covered in sloped roofs cut with arrow slits, which allow the defenders to ward off flying horrors. At the center of the city sits the Cruciform Cathedral, which allows the defenders to easily sally out to any part of the city.3

Sites of interest

  • Battle Tower: The northernmost point of the city and the most heavily-fortified structure.4
  • Confluence Tower: Designed to protect the city from attacks from the rivers. It also shelters Crusader's Quay where several military craft are docked.4
  • Cruciform Cathedral: A grand cathedral of Iomedae and a site of pilgrimage for her worshipers. Roads in the city are designed to allow those leaving the cathedral to quickly reach any part of the rest of the city.4
  • Egelsee Tower: A staging area for crusader cavalry.4
  • Sellen Docks: Stone quays carved into the bedrock of the Sellen River designed to resist all but the most determined attacks.4
  • Woundward Tower: This is where the city's wardstone is located. It is also the first line of defense against attacks from the air, housing the city's best archers and siege engines.4

Pathfinder Lodge

The Pathfinder Society also has a hidden lodge here named Starrise Spire. Venture-Captain Jorsal of Lauterbury sends Pathfinders into the Worldwound on dangerous expeditions, always in the guise of mercenaries to hide their allegiance.56 Although the Society's presence in Nerosyan during the Mendevian Crusades was not known to the general public, they were well known to Queen Galfrey and her government; it was the Queen herself who bequeathed Starrise Spire to the Pathfinders.6 The Spire acts as a symbol of hope to the crusaders and a warning to attacking demons — a ball of light floats above the tower all day and all night. The resident Pathfinders have been charged with the duty of maintaining it.4


As the capital, Nerosyan is ruled by Chancellor Irahai, who uses her considerable authority to maintain the peace.3


Before the opening of the Worldwound, Nerosyan was a wilderness town consisting of run-down buildings. The First Mendevian Crusade changed it drastically. It expanded rapidly to accommodate the massive influx of warriors, it's streets were widened, and fortifications were built to protect it.1

Despite its role as the head of the crusader effort in Mendev, there are still subtle reminders of the original piratical origins of the city. Despite this, the city is generally law-abiding and beautiful in design and clear in its sacred purpose.3


Nerosyan is a holy city of Iomedae1 and she is by far the most-worshiped deity.[citation needed] Many of Nerosyan's notable residents are devout worshipers of Iomedae, including Lord Inquisitor Casori, Captain Jaspar of the Crusader Heralds and Venture-Captain Jorsal of Lauterbury.

The Cruciform Cathedral to Iomedae is central to both Nerosyan's physical structure and to the defense of the city. The cathedral also draws faithful pilgrims from afar to worship at this renowned holy site.4

Demonic attacks

The powerful demon Lalizarzadeh, who resides in the nearby Worldwound city of Storasta, sends his minions on occasional raids to undermine Nerosyan's defenses. These are generally carried out by aquatic creatures such as merrow, scrags, and grindylows.7


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