Shokuro Toriaka

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Shokuro Toriaka

The Sun Shogun
Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 38

Sun Shogun Shokuro Toriaka is the Minkan-born founder and leader of Shokuro.1


In order to ensure the cooperation of his subjects, Toriaka allowed the descendants of the families who once ruled Shokuro's territory when Lung Wa still existed to serve him as part of an advisory council known as the Four Pillars. However, these families have had difficulty setting aside their grudges.1

To dissuade invasions from Lingshen, Toriaka has developed his nation's military greatly, focusing on tactics and solid defences, and offers Lingshen fair prices for Shokuro-made tea and food.1


In 4676 AR, Toriaka killed his corrupt, arrogant, cruel liege. The government of Minkai secretly approved of his action but could not leave him unpunished, so he was given with the lightest sentence that tradition demanded: exile. Toriaka accepted the verdict, and was followed into exile by many of his followers.1

Toriaka was inspired and captivated by the stories of the heroic samurai Shokuro, who encountered a race of 'beautiful sharp-eared people who dwelled in a tree of silver'. He set out to travel through Tian Xia to meet these people, past Xidao, Kwanlai, and Amanandar before he reached Jinin and met the elves in the story.1

Although delighted to see the elves, Toriaka was appalled by the cruel oppression of the peasants who lived south of Jinin by the rulers of Lingshen, whom he saw as a much worse mirror of his old liege lord. He saw his new cause, gathered support from Amanandar and Jinin, and led his armies into the farmlands to organise the farmers into a resistance force. Under Toriaka's leadership, the people successfully led a rebellion and seceded from Lingshen, becoming the new nation of Shokuro.1


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