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Type Animal
CR 1
Environment Any deserts

Source: Fires of Creation, pg(s). 83

Soricos, also called dustshroud rabbits, are an alien species of animal from the distant desert planet Kasath. They were brought to Golarion on the spaceship Destiny, and while most of the specimens on the ship died in its crash thousands of years ago, a few survived and have established a small colony in Numeria.[1]


A sorico has strong forearms and claws designed for digging, and tawny fur caked with sand and mud from their tunneling. They resemble large rabbits and are three feet long, two feet tall, and weigh about 100 pounds.[1]


Up to three dozen soricos nest in tunneled warrens that they communally dig, similar to ants. When threatened, they can shake the dust and mud from their fur coats to create a dense, distracting cloud.[1]

Soricos can be trained, and are considered delicious game with a flavor similar to farm-raised rabbit.[1]


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