Glacier Lake

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Glacier Lake is located at the geographic center of Irrisen. It is a huge expanse of ice over 100 miles wide. The Frozen Road River flows in from the north and the Marbleflow River flows in from the south, while the Rimeflow River flows west out of the lake.1

Rich wildlife inhabits the frigid lake. Glacier Lake is a substantial food source in Irrisen. The average citizen's diet is formed from trout, sturgeon, pike, and whitefish occasionally supplemented with cold-water molluscs and squid. Every village and town on the shores of the lake maintains a fleet of fishing vessels. Colonies of freshwater seals and walruses are common on the unsettled shores. Hunters bring meat blubber, skins and tusks harvested from these creatures.2

The capital city of Whitethrone is located on the cliffs of Glacier Lake's northeastern shore and Queen Elvanna's Royal Palace is atop a 200-foot-tall ice spire rising up from the lake.23

Most fisherfolk work as close to the shore as possible as the remote center of the Glacier Lake is notorious for unexpected storms and hidden terrors. Many underwater cave complexes are home to amphibious boreal breeds, including isolated tribes of hostile athamarus,4 vicious freshwater merrows, and brutal scrags.2

Notable inhabitants


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