Star-spawn of Cthulhu

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Star-spawn of Cthulhu

Source: Wake of the Watcher, pg(s). 90–91

Star-spawn of Cthulhu1 is the name given by scholars to a race of titanic malevolent alien aberrations that bear a resemblance to and serve the Great Old One Cthulhu.2


A star-spawn is humanoid-shaped, with seething rubbery flesh, draconic wings, taloned hands and a tentacled face. Their form is not fixed, and they can retract or enlarge parts of their body at will, but they rarely deviate far from their general form. The smallest star-spawn stands nearly 30 feet in height.2


Star-spawn do not need food or air and are at home in every environment, but are more often associated with oceans than land, since oceans tend to cover a greater part of a planet's surface. Their mind is alien, overwhelmingly powerful, and linked to that of dead Cthulhu sleeping and dreaming in his house of R'lyeh. Star-spawn can live forever if not killed.2


Star-spawn hail from a distant star in the Dark Tapestry, whose light is invisible to conventional telescopes. They seek to expand the Dark Tapestry by invading planets and exterminating their indigenous life, which they view in the same way that humans view vermin. They do this by sending nightmares to susceptible individuals to seed the growth of apocalypse cults. When the world becomes unstable enough, the star-spawn mobilises the cults, whose 'reward' involves being the last to be eradicated by the star-spawn.2

Star-spawn are patient enough to wait for centuries or millennia for their plans to come to fruition, since all things can only end when the stars are right. Some worlds have thus had enough time to foil the star-spawn's influence or even destroy them, but this is very rare.2


Original source: At the Mountains of Madness (1931), H.P. Lovecraft

  1. The plural and singular forms are the same.
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