Stavian Arches

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Over the centuries, several attempts have been made to ease travel along the tumultuous Adivian River. The impressive Stavian Arches were constructed between 3850 and 4100 AR and allowed even seagoing vessels to traverse the falls and gain access to Lake Sorrow and Egorian. However, saboteurs destroyed the third and largest of the arches, near the town of Westpool, in 4660 AR, leaving only medium-sized ships and barges able to ply the river trade.12


On the orders of Emperor Stavian I of Taldor, engineers constructed a series of arches, now known as the Stavian Arches, along the Adivian River. By 3850 AR, smaller boats could be pulled up beside the falls by pulleys and ropes. This period of construction was briefly interrupted by the Even-Tongued Conquest in 4081 AR. Although the town remained loyal to Taldor, the Phalanx contingent garrisoning Westcrown was defeated and the city was annexed by Cheliax in the Siege of Westcrown.3

Construction continued, and by 4100 AR, the great stone arches meant even medium-sized vessels could traverse the powerful and tumultuous South Adivian to Lake Rikkan. Completed in 4085 AR, the Third Stavian Arch allowed even the largest ships to be hauled further upriver for access to Lake Sorrow.2 The third arch was destroyed by saboteurs in 4660 AR, cutting off direct river trade and travel between Westcrown and Egorian.12


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