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Nation Cheliax
Size Small town
Population 1,350

Source: Council of Thieves Player's Guide, pg(s). 11

The small port towns of East Rikkan and Westpool lying to the north of Westcrown in Cheliax are known collectively as the Rikkan Ports. These settlements house large numbers of merchants dealing in the trade of goods up and down the River Adivian, as well the numerous slaves required to operate the Stavian Arches and portage stations. Westpool is larger due to the presence of the Arch. Since 4674 AR, Chelish forces frequently occupy the town looking for rebels and traitors. The current mayor of Westpool, Vismargrave of the Adivian Falling Tibalt Khrocini openly engages in politics and has gained much power and many enemies by controlling the transport route to Lake Sorrow and the capital Egorian.[1]