Stone colossus

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Stone colossus
A stone colossus.

(colossus, mythic)
19 / MR 7
Any land
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 37

A stone colossus is a construct made from an entire fortress, and is capable of taking both a semi-humanoid form as well as that of a traditional castle. Like all colossi, the creature has an aura of selective antimagic, and spells that use force or involve the element of earth (such as those that manipulate or transmute stone) do not work in close proximity to the walking fortress.1

Even when in mobile form, a stone colossus is capable of holding within it a number of occupants. A typical stone colossus, while capable of taking on any number of aesthetic qualities based on the architecture of its keep form, stands about 70 feet tall and weighs 300 tons.1


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