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Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 266

Tidehawks are magical birds related to phoenixes, with power over water instead of fire. They are large raptorial birds, with blue feathers and long tails.1


Similarly to their phoenix kin, tidehawks can resurrect themselves after death. If a tidehawk is slain, its body becomes a torrent of rain and, if it falls into a body of water, instantly reforms into its living self. If it falls onto dry land, it will remain inert water for however long it will take for it to flow into a viable water basin. This resurrection can only happen once a year, however; if a tidehawk is killed before a year or more have passed since its last resurrection, its death becomes permanent.1

Tidehawks can also cover themselves with an armor-like shell of water that will forcefully burst away from the creature if struck by a physical blow.1


Tidehawks are embodiments of water, the sea, and rain. They are amphibious beings, capable of breathing underwater and of flying and swimming with equal ease and speed. Tidehawks nest in deep underwater crevasses, emerging only after rainstorms to bask in the moisture in the air. They feed mostly on large marine animals.1


Tidehawks have a poor relationship with phoenixes, due to their contrasting elemental alignments and moral outlooks. Phoenixes see tidehawks as flighty, selfish, and unreliable; in turn, tidehawks view phoenixes as self-righteous meddlers overly involved in mortal affairs. The two species only cooperate to respond to significant threats to natural environments caused by particularly evil beings.1

In religion

Due to being both aquatic and aerial beings tied to both the sea and rain, tidehawks are often seen as being favored creatures of Gozreh. There is disagreement among sailors regarding whether sighting a tidehawk is a good omen or a bad one, as the ocean, tidehawks, and Gozreh are all quick to shift between calm and fury.1


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