Capital District

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The home to some of Magnimar's most important buildings, the Capital District serves as the political heart of the entire city; it is sometimes referred to as the Artisan's Quarter or the Irespan District. It lies in the Summit region of Magnimar and is north of the "new-money" area of the Naos. The buildings of the area are as ornate as they are important, the Usher's Hall, which sits opposite the monument known as Indros cul Vydrarch, is home to the Council of Ushers and is the place where many of the city's most important decisions are made. Nearby stands the Pediment Building, the home of justice in Magnimar; the above ground floors are home to stern faced judges and large courtrooms, while below the ground is Magnimar's main prison, the Hells.[1]


There is one major neighbourhood in the Capital District:[2]


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