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Vanyvers, also called nightwings, are a lesser type of bat-like nightshades.12


A nightwing looks like a bat-like humanoid shaped from utter darkness, with tiny glowing red eyes.1 Its body is 20 feet long, its wingspan is 80 feet and it weighs 4,500 pounds.2


Nightwings often serve more powerful nightshades as aerial support. On the Material Plane, nightwings often lair in rugged terrain where there are numerous shelters from the sun, preferably caves and abandoned buildings.2


Among the nightshades, nightwings are the most likely to be found serving a powerful mortal master as guardians, for the purpose of aiding them in mass murder. These masters are always at risk of being betrayed and killed by the nightwing once their task is over, or if the nightwing believes that they are slacking in murderous intent.12


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