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Urveths, or nightcrawlers, are a type of underground-dwelling, centipede-like darvakka.12


An urveth resembles an immense centipede covered in a dead-black exoskeleton, with four arms, numerous glowing red eyes and a yawning toothy maw.1 It is 60 feet long and weighs 10,000 pounds.2


Urveths usually reside in the deep caverns, cleansing these areas of what to them is foul life. At night, urveths often crawl up to the surface, and can spread great devastation each night before being forced to retreat by the sun. When not hunting, urveths plot how best to play their role in the darvakkas' goal of exterminating life, confer with undead minions, and spy on living creatures to learn about hidden, easily-missable enclaves.2


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