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A veldenar.
Type Magical beast
(air, extraplanar)
CR 10
Environment Any (Plane of Air)
Images of veldenars

Source: Planes of Power, pg(s). 63

Veldenars are ambush predators native to the Plane of Air that resemble large, frog-like creatures with six eyes, translucent skin, and a small tail. Veldenars hunt by waiting in areas where prey is common, magically making themselves invisible to avoid detection, and wait for prey to pass by. When a target approaches it, a veldenar releases a cloud of very dense air to slow it down, before opening its mouth to create a vacuum effect to suck its prey into is stomach. Veldenars primarily hunt gaseous beings such as belkers and mihstus, as well as giant insects and creatures tied to the element of fire, they usually attack anything that comes too close to them.[1]

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