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Level 18

Source: Lord of the Black Sands, pg(s). 84

Vitalias, also known as heart horrors, are jellyfish-like aberrations born from the mixing of magic, alchemical reagents, and blood.[1]


Vitalias look like giant, blood-red jellyfish, but also resemble pulsing hearts trailing open-ended, bleeding veins.[1]


Vitalias can filter and purify even days-old blood. They can also forcefully transfuse blood between themselves and creatures they insert their veins into, transmitting any toxins or pathogens within one creature's bloodstream into the other's.[1]


Most vitalias come into being from accidental combinations of occult magic, rare alchemical reagents, and large quantities of spilled blood. The creatures cannot survive long outside of blood, similarly to how fish cannot survive outside of water. Consequently, vitalias are typically restricted to the place of their birth.[1]


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