Voice of the Damned

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Voice of the Damned
Voice of the Damned
Type Outsider
(evil, native)
CR 25
Environment Book of the Damned

Source: Hell Unleashed, pg(s). 20-21

The Voice of the Damned is a piece of the angel Tabris corrupted by his creation of the Book of the Damned. The Voice catalogs the ever-growing repository of evil thoughts and deeds in the demiplane within the book, and defends the Unspeakable Word at the demiplane's center.[1]


The Voice appears as a stretched, vaguely humanoid and winged form, wrapped with or comprised of blasphemous pages with a vortex of flame in place of a face.[1]


As the cataloger and master of the Book's repository of evil, the Voice can read, write, and speak every language, including the ability to scribe magical symbols into any surface, including the air. It can discorporate its form into a cyclone of flying pages, flense foes with its pages, harm creatures with its gaze, and consume a creature into its form. While permanently bound to the demiplane within the Book, the Voice can also temporarily inhabit the body of any creature it consumes.[2]


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