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Hell Unleashed

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Hell Unleashed
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July 29, 2015

Hell Unleashed, a Pathfinder Campaign Setting sourcebook by F. Wesley Schneider and Jerome Virnich, was released on July 29, 2015.

From cults' secret sanctums to the fortresses of diabolical demigods in Hell itself, the machinations of devils permeate the world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Explore the unholy minions of Hell in this fell grimoire, which features a dozen specific devils and other infernal influences ready to bring their sinister plots to any gaming table. Each heinous foe is presented with a detailed history, lair, minions, and full statistics, allowing Game Masters to use them as wicked additions to any game or as the centerpiece of intricate plots that form the very core of campaigns of intrigue and treachery. Muster all your courage and explore the pages within to find:
  • Unholy manifestations of powerful devils and deities, allowing the denizens of Hell to exert their will upon the mortal world.
  • A glimpse into the soul-markets of the infernal metropolis of Dis, including the steep prices of the unusual items peddled there.
  • Details of the Hellknights' lethal test of worthiness—one-on-one combat with a summoned devil.
  • Profane particulars on the infamous Book of the Damned, including a self-contained demiplane within the book holding all of its sinister secrets.
  • The exorcism of an innocent child, possessed by a sadistic devil and used as a puppet in an intricate infernal plot of revenge.
  • A march through the fortress of one of Hell's godlike gatekeepers—the infernal duke Furcas.


Diabolical Influences
p. 4

Descriptions of several ways Hell exerts its influence over Golarion.

p. 12

An imp whose centuries-long ploys recruit souls for Hell.

p. 58

A legendary and ever-updated tome that contains records of every evil deed and divine misstep in the multiverse.

p. 22

A diabolical cult with a devious plan to restore Chelish power in Galt.

p. 26

Tales of a devil who annually manifests near Nystra to strike dark deals with desperate people.

p. 30

When a mortal tries to evade an infernal deal, Baalzebul dispatches Xerraxus to possess the man's nephew in Swiftrun.

p. 34

An exclusive shop in Dis's Market of Breaths serves a secret purpose for the Queen of the Night Mahathallah.

p. 38

The infernal duke known as the Knight of the Laurels and Sentinel of Dis guards one of its most vital hellmouths.

p. 44

The diabolical order walks a strict but narrow line between enslavement to Hell and enforcement of law in its extreme pursuit of order

p. 48

The ancient and merciless servant of Moloch guards a strategic portal beneath Qadira.

p. 52

The spawn of Diomazul—a deity of war from the Vudran pantheon—this two-minded adhukait resurfaces in Jalmeray after a centuries-long slumber.

p. 56

Alichino sends an erinys to manage a slacking cult leader in Karcau.

p. 60

To capture and destroy the Thorncrown of Iomedae, this apostate devil abducts and tortures a paladin of Iomedae who believes he knows its location.

Sites of Infernal Activity
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