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Jerome Virnich

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Jerome Virnich
Position Editorial Intern, 2012

Jerome Virnich has served as an editorial intern for Paizo. His first published work for the company was contributions to Varisia, Birthplace of Legends.

Pathfinder credits

Title Date Volume (Page)
Bestiary 64"Bestiary" #64 1211November 2012 PF64 (80)
Bestiary 73"Bestiary" #73 1308August 2013 PF73 (80)
Demon Hunter's Handbook 1308August 2013 DHH
Dragonslayer's Handbook 1307July 2013 DH
Dungeoneer's Handbook 1303March 2013 DH
Inner Sea Gods 1404April 2014 ISG
Knights of the Inner Sea 1209September 2012 KotIS
Magical Marketplace 1312December 2013 MM
Occult Mysteries 1405May 2014 OM
Sanos AbductionThe Sanos Abduction 1209September 2012 PFS4–05
Satyr"Satyr" 1305May 2013 FR (52)
Varisia, Birthplace of Legends 1208August 2012 VBoL
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