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Temperate forests, lakes, and rivers
Source: The Twice-Damned Prince, pg(s). 88–89

A vouivre is a two-headed, reptilian aquatic creature. While its head and body resemble an elongated, winged green wyvern, its tail resembles the upper body of a beautiful dark-haired humanoid woman. They spend their time bathing in pools and slow-moving rivers, preferring to prey on humanoid males and other people that come too near.1


A vouivre is 12 feet long from end to end and weighs 500 pounds. Vouivres can breathe fire like a dragon, and rattle their scales to produce unnerving magical sonic effects.1

Habitat and ecology

Vouivres reproduce asexually. After death, a vouivre's dragon head expels a ruby that serves as an egg. After growing for several weeks, a juvenile vouivre hatches and spends seven years maturing and hunting waterfowl and fish. A vouivre can live for 200 years, and needs to feed every two months.1

Vouivres draw serpents of all kinds to them, and occasionally collaborate with evil fey, but otherwise dwell apart from other creatures. Vouivres have a dragon's love of gemstones and treasure, although they sometimes use their hoards to lure unwary travelers.1


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