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Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 224

Few birds can be so wrapped up in superstition, especially in Ustalav, as the whippoorwill: a bird that has been associated with the Lady of Graves, Pharasma, herself. Some superstitions associated with the small, dark-eyed birds are:[1]

  • Pharasma's servants travel using whippoorwills
  • The birds stay near dying people as they can eat spirits like a bird takes an insect
  • Looking into their deep eyes causes death
  • Killing a whippoorwill curses the killer to trail disease and sadness wherever they go, forever followed by the unsettling song of the birds.

The church of Pharasma sees the sight of a whippoorwill as a good omen from their goddess, while the sight of a dead whippoorwill is a sure sign of the goddess' displeasure. The bird is considered to be a guide for recently passed souls to take them safely to the Boneyard.[2][3]

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