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Wrath of the Righteous Item Cards

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Wrath of the Righteous Item Cards
Cover Image
Deck - Item Cards
Release date
September 3, 2013
54 cards
Rule set
Pathfinder RPG

Wrath of the Righteous Item Cards, a 54-card Pathfinder Cards deck, was released on September 3, 2013. It illustrates items that appear in the Wrath of the Righteous Pathfinder Adventure Path.

Lost relics of prior crusades, sinister weapons liberated from demonic forces, and ancient wonders from a land destroyed by the Worldwound are all found in this trove of treasures for use in your Wrath of the Righteous campaign. Each of this set’s 54 beautifully illustrated, full-color cards includes space on the back for players to add notes on their treasures. These Pathfinder Item Cards are designed for use with the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path, but are compatible with any fantasy roleplaying game.

Card list

  1. Barding
  2. Full plate
  3. Badge (Horned Beast)
  4. Badge (Canine Skull)
  5. Badge (Sunburst)
  6. Badge (Tusked Beast)
  7. Badge (Blue)
  8. Badge (Hexagon)
  9. Unholy symbol (Bull's Head)
  10. Unholy symbol (Wings)
  11. Unholy symbol (Crown)
  12. Unholy symbol (Feather)
  13. Unholy symbol (Hands)
  14. Unholy symbol (Fanged Skull)
  15. Potion (Red)
  16. Potion (Black)
  17. Rod (Gold)
  18. Rod (Silver)
  19. Staff
  20. Battleaxe
  21. Dagger
  22. Glaive
  23. Hand crossbow
  24. Heavy Pick
  25. Longbow
  26. Longsword (Lightning Bolt)
  27. Longsword
  28. Ranseur
  29. Scimitar
  30. Scythe
  31. War razor
  32. Whip
  33. Amulet (Hexagon)
  34. Amulet (Cog)
  35. Banner
  36. Bell
  37. Book
  38. Bracers
  39. Chalice
  40. Crystal
  41. Demonic tongue
  42. Demonic wings
  43. Fragment
  44. Heart
  45. Holy Text
  46. Horn
  47. Jar
  48. Jawbone
  49. Locust
  50. Noose
  51. Robes
  52. Scales
  53. Spider
  54. Stole