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Type Outsider
(elemental; aether/air/earth/fire/water)
CR 2
Environment Any (Ethereal Plane or Elemental Planes)
Adjective Wysp

Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 280
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Wysps are five tiny spherical races of elemental beings, each corresponding to an element: aether wysp, air wysp, earth wysp, fire wysp, or water wysp.[1]


The first wysps were aether wysps, spawned by the same convergence that created the aether element. These aether wysps roamed the Ethereal Plane and Elemental Planes freely until the elemental lords discovered their value as minions and bred them into new types.[1]


Wysps are curious and intelligent, even in slavery. Free wysps are playful and carefree, with mild differences between the elements: aether wysps are shy and mysterious, air wisps are capricious, earth wysps are wary, fire wysps are impetuous, and water wysps are nurturing.[1]

Wysp conductors

Wysps roam their home planes and the Material Plane in symphonies led by exuberant wysp conductors, who are often bards, and playing the otherworldly music of their resonances. Wysps happily offer services to allies, though generally only elementals, kineticists, and spellcasters can make good use of them. Most wysps do their best to support allies, even willing to give their lives to help them. Some fire wysps view fire elementals as masters, even though the elementals barely pay attention to them.[1][2]