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A yeti.

The yetis, or abominable snowmen, are the mysterious and terrifying inhabitants of the roof of Golarion. Found in small tribes in the highest peaks, these creatures are naturally stealthy and immensely strong, and are largely believed to be mythological creatures.12


Yetis are secret guardians of portals who protect the Universe from otherworldly creatures that might try to enter.12 Tribes create carved stonework, like beautiful protective talismans.12

Exposure to the nighmare inducing Eldritch portal can eventually crake some Yetis mental fortitude, turning them mad, bloodthirsty, and other horrific behavor as they are exiled from the clan. In exile, the abominable snowman, that are ussaly the source how most out siders first encounter about yetis, will slowly grow stronger and dangrous as they further embrace the corruption.12


Yetis are masters of stealth in their snowy biome, with fast movements and camouflage, they are hard to spot before making a terrifying ambush.12

Yetis posses a mental fortitude agienst fear and the manipulation of dreams.12

On Golarion

Yetis are known to live in numerous mountain ranges throughout Avistan, including the World's Edge Mountains, home to a monastery of reclusive yeti monks, and the Kodar Mountains of Irrisen, where a yeti tribe has been aiding in the escape of prisoners from the mine of Hope Lost. Yetis are also reported to live in the icy Crown of the World and in the Wall of Heaven mountains of Tian Xia.3 In the Impossible Kingdoms of Vudra many yetis have been drawn to the psychic emanations of the meditating garuda monk Mahadev near the peak of Gyanpad in the Lohaparbat Mountains.4

Known examples

On other worlds

On the planet Earth, a region known as Siberia is home to a type of yeti-like creatures called zemlemers, which have darker fur than common yetis and inhabit the high peaks of the Ural Mountains.6


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