Hope Lost

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The Hope Lost mine in the Irrisen province of Wintercrux produces the rare blue quartz crystals known as ice diamonds that are notoriously arduous to excavate. Those forced to work here by the White Witches or Cold Sisters generally die quickly due to the mine's brutal conditions.1

The vicious Countess Grinnelise, whose palace is carved into the face of the mountain, is the mine's overseer. Known to have a taste for human flesh, the slaves working the mine prefer the daily beatings of the ice troll gang bosses to be summoned to the countess' palace. The screams of the victims during her notorious orgies of cannibalism and torture are unbearable.1

Recently, some lucky slaves managed to escape using a secret tunnel and the help of yetis who dwell in a large warren deep in the mountains. The slaves gave stolen ice diamonds to the yetis in thanks.2