Lohaparbat Mountains

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The Lohaparbat Mountains stretch across the south-eastern regions of Vudra from the Falling Mountains region into the Open Bridge area.1


The Lohaparbat Mountains' rain shadow makes the central steppes of the Falling Mountains region perfect for tea growing. In the western reaches of the Lohaparbat Mountains, the peaks reach incredible heights and are frequently ravaged by powerful storms.1

The eastern end of the range cracks open with vast rents in the earth, causing frequent rock slides and lava flows. This activity is blamed on the mechanical god Dhuangir, who is said to lie buried beneath the mountains. His hryngar2 followers endlessly excavate the mountains trying to free him, and these excavations have created the vast magma pool known as Sholay.1

Places of interest

The Lohaparbat Mountains are home Vudra's largest population of garudas. The monk Mahadev, who began meditating near the peak of Gyanpad over a decade ago and has not moved from the spot since, is one of the mountains' most famous garuda residents. His practice has drawn a small cult around him.1


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