Painted Flutes

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The Painted Flutes is a vast canyon nestled within the Barrier Wall mountains of western Katapesh. The valley is named for the unique geological phenomena found within, including dozens of hoodoos—tall, wind carved pillars of rock that look like totem poles—that are made of a variety of layers of different, brightly-coloured rocks as a spectacular landscape. The wind howls through the valley and when it reaches the right speed in creates haunting music like some sort of giant wind instrument.

Due to the forces of erosion constantly changing its shape, as well as its strong winds, the direction and duration the song created by the hoodoos is never the same twice. The valley attracts many bards and other musicians to hear its wondrous song. The valley is also inhabited by clans of janns and wandering air elementals who roam the deep canyons.12


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