Storm of Fangs

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The Elemental Plane of Air is home to many permanent storms, but none are as large as the Storm of Fangs. This endless maelstrom is as large as Golarion's moon and has existed for eons, during which time the Storm of Fangs has been the death of uncountable travellers.1


Within the storm's depths float vast chunks of the Material Plane which are home to elemental creatures like belkers, lightning elementals, mihstus, and even stranger beasts.1

At the centre of the Storm of Fangs sits the abode of Shanaria, an exiled air elemental who once served as the secretive right hand of the Duchess of All Winds, Hshurha. Shanaria served Hshurha as her spymaster but broke with her mistress over several disputes a few centuries ago. The nature of these disagreements is unknown, but Shanaria has started building some sort of following in the heart of the Storm of Fangs.1


A stable portal connects the Storm of Fangs to the Stormwell in the Terwa Uplands of Golarion, and is both the point of origin and final resting place for many of that world's cloud dragons.2


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