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Aliciette Cardoso

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Aliciette Cardoso

Muaalagu, a charmed angazhani
Source: Rival Guide, pg(s). 24

Aliciette Cardoso is the leader of the Hands of Slaughter adventuring group and a Silver agent of the Aspis Consortium. Her family originally hails from Andoran but they were exiled after a scandal involving a slaver ring. The family fled to Westcrown to live with distant relatives who promptly poisoned the rest of her family then set Aliciette to work as a messenger and spy. She excelled so much that her cousins began to worry that she would make a play for control of the family so they shipped her off to the Aspis Consortium. The consortium sent her first to Osirion where she eventually got promoted to silver agent.1

Aliciette and her group are now based in Sargava but do much of their adventuring in the Mwangi Expanse. She specialises in raiding elven ruins for valuable artifacts though the "ruins" are often not abandoned or particularly ruined. Rather than relying on hired mercenaries or brutalised slaves (as is normal for an Aspis Agent) she assembled a group of companions with a hatred for elves, reasoning that as long as they were allowed to indulge this hatred they would be useful pawn of the consortium and if in the process they helped her gain more wealth and prestige, all the better. She is also always accompanied by her charmed pet angazhani2 Muaalagu. Aliciette has brown eyes and brown-blonde hair, she is tanned from the baking heat of the Expanse but is also freckly. She usually wears a tabard with her family crest of a golden harpy while in combat she wields a whip.1


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