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Areen Mardessen

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Areen Mardessen

Rogue (poisoner) 6
Tymon then Daggermark, River Kingdoms; now the Coins District, Absalom
Source: Rival Guide, pg(s). 54

Areen Mardessen is a member of the Poisoned Lodge adventuring group.1

Areen had a hard childhood of filth, poverty, and insecurity. Her mother taught her the skill of brewing poisons in Tymon while working for ruffians and assassin thugs. When she was 15, Areen fended off an unwanted advance in her workshop with a broken beaker. The man died, and Areen fled to Daggermark, where her skills and unique recipes were highly regarded and professionally profitable.

When her rivals became jealous, Areen relocated to Absalom and set up a shop in the Coins district. There, she came to the attention of the Pathfinder Society and was recruited. During her time as an initiate, Areen fell in with her current companions, Mattie Red and Sussessa Amakye. Since their break from the Pathfinder Society to create the Poisoned Lodge, Areen has stayed very busy supporting the group with any toxins, drugs, and poisons they need.1

Areen can brew most poisons. Her favorites include cockatrice spit, fiddleback venom, gag spit, and rainbow jellyfish toxin, and her favored drugs include blood sap, dreamtime tea, harlot sweets, and slaver's drops.


The former Pathfinder keeps her face covered with a darkly stained kerchief and her goggles handy, usually atop her head. Her dark hair is tightly braided in an updo to keep it out of her work. Several vials and daggers are handy, if anyone is brave enough to mince with the bitter woman.1